How To Block Sites Access Manually – Favorite Browser

If you are using Windows Operating System and did not use Proxy to connect to the internet, then search for the ‘hosts’ file or if you use Windows XP and use Windows XP standard installation, you can find the file at C:WINDOWSsystem32driversetchosts

These file used as a mapping site URL to your localhost IP.

You can use this trick to access and also blocking , so you can surf the internet faster. <br>

For example, if you want to block site, just add the codes below at hosts file:<br><br>

Save the hosts file, then open your <a rel="wpi" target="_blank" title="Internet Explorer Simulator Brings the Best Parts of Jank to …" href="">favorite browser</a> and point to Your browser will displat a blank screen as the result<br>

Another example:<br><br><br><br> <br><br><br>

This tips can be used at other operating systems, (such as Linux, Unix), as long as you know where the file hosts located<br>

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Video Games Are Stealing The Spotlight – Wii Games

Thirty years ago the fledgling video game business was struggling to make a name for itself as it competed with toys, playing cards and board games for customers. The early games like Pong, Pac Man and Donkey Kong were very basic in terms of technology, and they had very little creativity involved with their designs and functions. Today, the computer game industry is a multi billion dollar extravaganza that has progressed dramatically, and it is starting to steal some of the spotlight from the glitzy and glamorous motion picture industry.

With technological advances like next generation motion capture systems, high definition graphics, Dolby Sound and Motion Sensor Remote controls that enable the players to actually get up off their chairs and get some exercise as they kick, swat, punch, jump, fish, golf and dance their way through sessions, video games have become more than just toys. They are an escape that offers a whole new reality. Kids and adults alike are playing Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii games more than ever before and the industry itself is growing bigger every day.

You only need to look at the recent Video Game Awards on Spike TV to see just how far they have come. This televised show was an awards ceremony much in the spirit of the Oscars or Emmys, but with more attitude. It was hosted by Samuel L. Jackson, a major Hollywood movie star, and throughout the show several other celebrities like Michael Irvin, Method Man, Eva Mendez and Seth Green showed up as presenters. James Gandolfini even showed up on the live satellite screen to accept an award for the Sopranos computer game.

Celebrities are starting to notice that video games are getting a lot of attention these days. If there is an awards ceremony that is televised, you can be rest assured that they will show up to get some face time. They are like moths to a porch light with that sort of thing. While the celebrities at the recent Video Game Awards were not quite on the Hollywood A-list, it will not be long before the ones that are will be showing up. They are already starting to license their names for the games, so it only makes sense that they will all be showing up at this event in the future to accept their awards.

The Video Game Awards show began this year with a big-budget open that looked like something out of a Jerry Bruckheimer film. Samuel L. Jackson made his way from his dressing room to the stage as he encountered various strange characters along the way, much like a video game. When he arrived on stage he picked up a laser gun and began to shoot the members of the classic rock group Kansas as they played their signature song Carry On My Wayward Son. There was impressive choreography, elaborate lighting and laser effects. Guys were being shot with laser guns and flying off the stage on harnesses, and the whole thing looked like a high-tech computer game that had come to life.

While the format of the show was very much like a Hollywood award show, it had a certain independent feel to it with a bit of a raw edge. Presenters and award winners were constantly saying things that needed to be bleeped out, edgy, young bands played loud music and Samuel L. Jackson seemed like he was infused with the energy of the crowd as he scream-talked his way through the night.

Being true to the Hollywood awards ceremony format, there were clips of video games that were played throughout the show. This was one of the highlights of the show, for it allowed the viewers to see glimpses inside the worlds of these games. I am quite certain that many viewers who had never seen any of these new games before suddenly had a new found respect for them. They even had clips of games that have not been released yet, like the new one by Tom Clancy called Ghost Recon and another new one called Big Shock that is due out in the spring of 2007.

It is not by accident that the video game industry is starting to look like the film industry. Sony, who makes Playstation 3, also makes movies for Hollywood. They have incorporated many of their filmmaking techniques into the production process of their video games, as have the makers of the Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii games. The result is that you get games that seem like movies. The camera angles, storylines, lighting and sound effects are very similar to what you would see with a big budget Hollywood movie that plays in theaters.

All of the old classic movies like Scarface, The Godfather and Star Wars have all been turned into video games. A lot of the old actors like James Caan and Al Pacino were actually involved with the making of these classic movie games in which they offered their voice-over talents.

But there is one great advantage that video games have over movies, and that is that they offer interaction. You can actually be involved with what is happening on the screen, instead of just watching it like you do at a movie theater. This gives one a feeling of empowerment that one just does not get from watching a movie. These games offer more than an escape, they offer a journey into another world where your actions have no real negative consequences on yourself.

Video games have come a long way since the days of Pong, Pac Man and Donkey Kong. While the Video Game Awards are not quite the Oscars yet, they are certainly on a pace to give them a run for their money in the future in terms of publicity. Celebrities are starting to notice that the spotlight on Hollywood is being shared by a newcomer to the world of entertainment, and they are following the light, as they do naturally. It is an inevitable natural progression, much like the relationship between a whale and a pilot fish. Big celebrity names are starting to integrate into the computer game industry, and as this happens it only means more publicity for both parties involved. This is ultimately good for gamers too, for as the industry gets bigger and bigger, the games and the consoles will only get better and better.

History And Fun Facts About Craps – Craps

The Game of Craps is much much older than the casinos it's played in today; coming originally from a simplification of an old English game called Hazard, it could go back as far even as the Crusades. What would later end up being the current American edition of the game arrived in the states by way of New Orleans, and a Louisiana land owner and politician, Bernard Xavier Philippe de Marigny de Mandeville. But Bernard's variation of the game had a defect, in that players could quickly take advantage of the casino and each other by utilizing fixed dice, and managing the ways of betting with or against the dice caster.

The don't pass betting system employed today was introduced by John H. Winn, fixed the issue, and the variation of the game came into existence.

Craps was first named crapaud; a French word which means “toad” in reference to the way that people would crouch or scoot over the floor or sidewalk to play. Supposedly, it owes its following today to the street version of the game that spread through African-American communities a long time ago.

Street craps can be played by rolling the dice against a back-stop, like a wall, curb or step, or without it's entirely up to the gamers participating. While in the Second World War, when ways to have fun were rare, street craps became popular with soldiers who played the game using a blanket as a shooting surface. They had no walls or street corner to use, so their blankets controlled, to some degree, the roll of the dice this became generally known as army blanket roll.

In the modern African American community, street craps is known as shooting dice. The proper version of the name refers to the game played in casinos on a marked felt surface table.

Some interesting details about craps:

1) It's considered bad luck to say the word seven while in a game.

2) Throwing a penny under a craps table before starting is considered to bring good luck to the players.

3) In casino craps, dice are clear to avoid anybody cheating and weighing them down.

4) The famous musical Guys and Dolls is centered on a game of craps that moves from one place to another.

So whether you choose to play on the street, in a casino or on your computer at home, craps is a game abundant in background and superstition that's a fun means of spending a few hours!

Team Games for Adults – Vacant Chair

Team building games are a way to develop strong bonds and cohesiveness in a team. They help the team in many ways like motivating the members, building trust, and improving communication. The team games can be used during seminars, training sessions, parties, etc. They are a good way to connect people, be it at workplace or party. Following are some games focusing on the importance of team building.

Team Party Games

Musical Chairs

Do not confuse this game with the traditional musical chairs that we have been playing since our childhood. It is an advanced version of the same game. Arrange for the chairs equal to the number of the participants. Make a tightly knit circle with the chairs. Ask one of the participants to stand inside the circle, which will leave a vacant chair outside. The player inside the circle has to rush to the vacant chair, but the other players have to keep occupying the vacant chair and hence creating a vacant chair in the process as they move.

Dumb Shall Ask

The fun would be doubled if the number of teams are increased. The game is even more entertaining if it is played with enthusiasm and . I am sure you know how these popular are played. A team has to give a word that can be anything like a name of a movie, place, person, etc. to the person of other team. The Team member has to enact the word or a phrase so that it is understood by the team within the stipulated time.

Team Building Outdoor Games


This activity requires competitive spirit and will to work as a team to outsmart and achieve success. This game can be made more competitive and complex by making it a multi-way tug-of-war. Many teams play together by pulling the rope that are tied together at the center. The best trick to excel this game is proper communication and skillful application of strategies.

Obstacle Course

An obstacle course is designed for the whole team which they need to collectively cross. The game has a series of obstacles that have to be crossed in sequence. Once the whole team is done with one obstacle, they together move to the second. The team that takes the minimum time to complete the game would be the winner. The aim behind such games is to bring in the spirit of teamwork and make them understand that a task is successful only if it is done collectively.

Fun Team Games

Toxic River

Mark an area of five square feet, and name it ‘toxic river.’ Ask all the participants of a team to stand on one side. The task for the team to cross the river in minimum time. There are certain rules to be followed. The river can be crossed by wearing a special pair of shoes. These shoes can be worn once throughout the game by each player. Unfortunately, there is only one pair of shoes available for the team and the players are not allowed to toss the shoes over the river. The team has to strategically plan their moves to cross the river. The clue for this game is, players can carry another player to cross.

Ad-Mad Show

The team is given an imaginary product for which they need to come up with promotional strategies and advertise the product with a punchline and slogans. Each member of the team should contribute something. The team presenting their product in the best way would be the winner.

So, these were few team games for adults that involve fun as well as learning. These games are a great source to make them realize the importance of team building and to work as a team.

What is Minecraft? – Virtual Game

Sandbox games or open world games are the in thing nowadays owing to their non linear gameplay structures that allows the player to freely roam the virtual game environment without having to clear linear levels. This kind of game level design also gives the player the freedom to approach the game climax by formulating his own strategies and following his own preferred game level sequence rather than being forced to follow the stringent, linear game level sequence. Sandbox games for PS3 and other consoles have been gaining a lot of popularity lately. In case you’re wondering why I am giving you a tutorial on open world non linear gameplay instead of spilling about Minecraft, Minecraft is a sandbox game having a non linear gameplay structure. It is a 3 dimensional building or construction game where the player is required to construct buildings and structures using textured cubes as the building blocks. Let’s take a look at the details of this non linear game and find out how and where it can be played.

All About Minecraft

As mentioned earlier, Minecraft is a sandbox building construction game. It was originally conceptualized and created by Markus Persson and it is still in development by his company Mojang. In this game, the player is required to build a structure – any structure having any geometrical shape imaginable – using textured cubes or blocks before nightfall. At night, the monsters emerge and a structure needs to be erected before they come out in order that it can provide shelter against the monsters. This game is developed for Java Platform and Java Applet and it was first released in May, 2009, on TIGSource forums, nearly a week after it was developed. Since then, a lot of updates have been introduced to this game and it has gained a lot of popularity. Minecraft has sold more than a million copies by mid of January, 2011.

The game premises of Minecraft have drawn significant amounts of inspiration from other similar games like Dungeon Keeper, Infiniminer and Dwarf Fortress. Minecraft can be played in two modes – Classic and Beta. The Classic mode is the basic or elementary mode which is concerned with only construction and building. The Beta mode is an advanced mode where the player is introduced to enemies, player health (which measures the value of the player’s moves and helps accumulate winning points) and other additional features.

Minecraft Gameplay

Both Classic and Beta mode variants come with single player as well as multiplayer options. In the Classic mode, the players are required to either construct or demolish structures in the game environment without bothering about avoiding and defending against enemy attacks and surviving other dangers such as environmental hazards (molten lava) and falling down steep edges. There are unlimited number of blocks which the player can use to go ahead with their constructions. The players also have the options to place or remove any block he/ she wants at the same time, regardless of their differences. Besides manipulating these blocks, the players can have no other environmental interactions in the virtual game world. This, however, is possible in the Beta mode.

In Beta mode, which is still being developed and updated, the players are required to construct structures, use mining techniques and survive enemy attacks and other obstacles as well. The blocks available to players in this mode is limited and additional blocks are not made available till the present lot is not completely used for mining. Besides building structures, these blocks can also be used to craft various objects such as swords, chests, buckets and mine carts. The option of various environmental interactions is also available in the and the players may plant trees and farm or hunt animals too. Other features like inventory and player health are also present in this mode. Succumbing to monster attacks and environmental hazards will cause a decrease of value on the health meter and health can be regained by consuming various objects within the game environment.

The Beta variant is available only on purchase and is expected to gradually phase out the Classic variant as soon as some final updates are introduced to it. Minecraft is one of the best and you can play the after you register with the official Minecraft website. There is also a downloadable version available on this website. Now that you are aware of what Minecraft is, what else are you waiting for? Go ahead, sign up and enjoy this creative construction game!

Why We Love Titanfall: A Video Game Review – Enemy

In the game, players fight as hulking mech-style Titans and their nimble pilots in 6 vs 6 online multiplayer matches set on war ravaged planets. Players spawn as pilots and have the ability to call forth a Titan from the sky once a timer has run down. Killing enemy players or the numerous enemy bots that continuously spawn on the map reduces this timer. The player can then either pilot his machine himself or set it to either guard or follow mode. The action is fast-paced, with pilots having to ability to free-run on walls, accumulating momentum while doing so, as well as to double-jump with the help of small jet packs. These elements make traversing the expansive terrain as a pilot rapid and dynamic. The diversity of weapons, including a Smart Pistol that can auto-aim, only adds to the fun.

Meanwhile, the Titans are mostly left to duke it out among themselves with their variety of huge weapons. Unable to jump, crouch or take cover, these machines engage in more strategic duels while simultaneously fending off the threat of the small but deadly pilots, who are equipped with an anti-Titan weapon as well as their primary and secondary weapons. In addition, enemy pilots can leap onto the back of enemy Titans and shoot core components with their primary. Instead of jumping, Titans can dash to avoid damage and also have a number of special abilities depending on their type, of which there are three: the normal Atlas, the heavier Ogre, and the lighter Stryder. The abilities of the types include the vortex blocker, which stops and returns enemy fire, and electrified smoke, which repels pilots. Once a Titan receives a critical amount of damage its pilot has the opportunity to eject before the machine’s destruction, at which point the aforementioned timer resets.

Though Titanfall is online multiplayer only, Respawn Entertainment went to great lengths to integrate single player campaign elements into the gameplay. Plot, character chatter, and the already mentioned non-playable bot characters all add a depth of experience to the online matches. In addition there is a campaign multiplayer that features scripted sequences and character dialogue that are different for the two warring factions: the rebellious Frontier Militia and the conglomerate Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation (IMC).

It would come as a surprise to many potential fans to learn that Titanfall is Respawn Entertainment’s first title. The game development company was only founded in 2010, with the co-founders Jason West and Vince Zampella having been fired from Infinity Ward (the studio that they also founded and that was responsible for the Call of Duty franchise) by Activision following alleged “breaches of contract and insubordination”. The controversial firing lead to a series of lawsuits and a staff exodus. Now, after three years of careful development, including much testing so as to get the crucial player, bot, Titan balance right, we can at last appreciate the masterpiece.

Though no game can be perfect, at the moment this one has no flaws worth mentioning. Titanfall is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated releases for the next generation consoles and is definitely worth enjoying, if only to get away from the monotony of Call of Duty. You may already have been convinced to buy by the excellent beta, but if you haven’t you should definitely pick up a copy, preferably for Xbox One, as soon as possible (though of course if you’re a Play Station 4 person you’ll have to resort to Windows).

Play an Ancient Four Thousand Year Old Game Called Mahjong – Game Called

Mahjong is an ancient Chinese game. It is played with set of dices made of bone, wood, plastic resin and ivory. They contain tiles which are divided in three categories. The first set of his online game has suit tiles. All tiles have dots, lines and characters. These tiles look like a deck of cards, every set of suit tiles in the game has four sets of 9 dotted tiles, four sets of 9 character tiles and sets of 9 lined tiles. Some other special tiles are also seen in online games of Mahjong. One tile called as the honor tile contains three sets of dragon tiles. Each dragon has red, green and white color respectively. The white colored tile in this game is sometime depicted as a blank tile. Four other sets of tiles can also be seen in this game. These are called wind tiles, each of them depict a direction of North, South, East and West.

The main object of this ancient game called Mahjong is to make a winning hand in four sets having 3 tiles. The sequence of this game may start from a bamboo, circle or character. It may also start with a triplet of tiles. Very winning hand has total 14 tiles. In the beginning players have to deal with 13 tiles. They can create a big winning hand by drawing a Mahjong wall and discarding sets belonging to competitors. While playing one tile is to be discarded in the game in exchange of drawing one. The winning hand ends when a player obtains the Mahjong wall. By understanding the strategy and rules of the game a player can easily win over his opponents.

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The fascinating World of Tornado games – Iphone Apps

iPhones are, from the present working day, enjoying a considerably wider market place than what was seen two years ago. There is actually an increased segment of consumers who now choose brand name and good quality with lesser price. iPhones though for the greater client satisfaction,was in demand because they are capable of meeting the needs of their clients. Hence aided by the higher usage in the iPhone, a new current market for Iphone apps and Iphone Online casino games has been made to supplement the rising need for a greater 'iPhoning' experience. In addition yet another element which has enhanced the recognition in the iPhone is the fact that iOS Games current the avid gamer which has a much higher clarity of graphics and details around the move which can be not accessible on android mobile phones.

Mountain Woods Media, LLC

Mountain Woods Media, LLC is a single organization which has risen for the occasion magnificently. They not just specialize in iPhone apps but have also devoted a substantial a part of their creating crew's genius on formulating tornado games which might be obtainable on both Apple Store as well as Google play store. A person aspect which marks Mountain Woods Media, LLC apart from other iOS Games makers is always that this business can make the characters produced by their teams reflect the alter ego in the business or have actual existence exploits as their foundation. This offers their video game titles a reality twist that may impart a sure thrill and sense of adventure for the gaming specific. Some in the games formulated by the organization are Little Sparky's Forest Fire Game, Splatz and Batz, Roly Poly and The Lizard, The Trout Family Swim and Fish Adventure, Wrong Way Sam: Clown Police Chase and Tornado Chase Severe Weather Adventure (TCSWA).

Tornado games

Of this kind of a dynamics would be the tornado iOS games that have been formulated through the company. TCSWA is often a sport of the lifetime in which the participant gets to chase tornadoes through the safety of their houses. The adventure and thrill related to tornado chasing is used into the virtual planet by these tornado games. The basis towards the game activity received been childhood happenings of watching tornados wreak havoc inside neighbourhood destroying residence and carrying away livestock. The frequent occurrences of tornados inside the Indiana area in spring and summer months made a group of adventurers named 'storm chasers'. They are individuals who delight in literally chasing tornadoes in order so you can get a close view of the intensity of tornadoes, the lightening, wind and harm brought on by storms. Adventure plus the chance linked aided by the enterprise are to them the spice of everyday living. These 'storm chasers', who choose to stay everyday life dangerously, would be the inspiration for your Adventure game exactly where armed which has a video digital camera aboard a crimson pickup truck the player chases a tornado on its route of destruction amassing coins and avoiding the number of obstacles that seem on the way. Flying cows are only the least from the participant's worries within a sport where tornadoes have to be shot lower utilizing weather wanes.

Thus by capturing this segment of cellular gaming i.e. by means of tornado games, Mountain Woods Media have truly captured the hearts and intellect in the genuine gamer that is essential for any gaming organization.

World Of Warcraft Guides – Gold Farming

In addition to gathering gold, farming will enable you to gather experience and eventually level up as well. This is an important aspect of the game as level gaps can make a huge difference between winning and losing a battle with the enemy. But for some, levelling up is a very difficult task and sometimes no matter what they do, they can

Beavs smack lips on bowl chatter. – Insight Bowl

C o l l e g e f o o t b a l l

CORVALLIS – With five football games to go in their 13-game regular

season, the Beavers are two wins away from becoming bowl eligible.

They know it, their fans know it and the media know it.

And try as they might to play hush-hush when the subject comes up,

Oregon State’s players – still a bit giddy after last

weekend’s stunning 33-31 victory over mighty USC – accept the


And they will talk about it, though sometimes a bit reluctantly.

“A bowl game is the motivation for a season,” said Kyle

DeVan, the OSU junior center, “and we want to put ourselves in

position to make it to a good bowl.”

The bowl-bid stories are yet to be written.

But for discussion’s sake, a second-place finish in the Pac-10

Conference could land the Beavers in the Holiday Bowl on Dec. 28 at San

Diego, Calif., for the first time in OSU postseason history.

Third place in the Pac-10 could send Oregon State to the Sun Bowl

on Dec. 29 in El Paso, Texas, which would be another postseason first

for the Beavers.

While bowl contracts with the Pac-10 include possible options,

fourth place is good for the Las Vegas Bowl on Dec. 21, fifth for the

Emerald Bowl in San Francisco on Dec. 27 and sixth for the Hawaii Bowl in Honolulu on Dec. 24.

Ties, records and other factors often need to be sorted out before

the bids are offered as the season concludes, or shortly thereafter.

OSU coach Mike Riley would have little to do with bowl speculation.

He knows his team is 5-3 overall, 3-2 in the Pac-10, and Arizona State

is coming to town, an outfit that has dominated the series 23-8-1 and

lost to OSU just twice since 1971.

“Our first deal is we’ve got to win this week,” he

said of Saturday’s Pac-10 game against the Sun Devils (5-3, 2-3) at

Reser Stadium.

“We’ll let all that bowl stuff play out. I don’t

even want to talk about it.”

Others did, however.

“A bowl game is definitely in the back of your mind,”

said Matt Moore, the senior Oregon State quarterback, “and you know

what you need to do to get there.”

The Beavers knew that a year ago, too. But they did not get it


With five wins and two regular-season games left to get the

required sixth victory, Oregon State was upended by Stanford 20-17 and

thumped by Oregon 56-14, finishing 5-6 and spent the holidays at home.

“We were a win away and lost the last two,” DeVan said.

“Everyone felt what that was like.”

Sammie Stroughter, a junior split end/punt returner, remembered the

empty feeling when OSU’s bowl plan last season fell apart.

“We’re kind of in the same predicament with two wins

away,” he said. “We ended up not going. Now we have to focus

on Arizona State, play one game at a time and worry about the bowl thing


Jeff Van Orsow, the junior defensive end for the Beavers who

deflected USC’s attempted two-point conversion pass to preserve the

victory over the Trojans, said missing a bowl in 2005 was “such a


“We’re trying not to think about it, but we know we need

to win to get to any bowl, then we can worry about getting to a really

good bowl.”

Before the 1999 season, Oregon State and bowl games were like oil

and water. They did not mix.

The Beavers endured 34 bowl-free years before playing in the

’99 Oahu Bowl, their first postseason game since the 1964 season

Rose Bowl.

Oregon State then got on a bit of a bowl roll, beating Notre Dame

in the 2000 season Fiesta Bowl, missed the postseason in 2001 with a 5-6

record, lost to Pittsburgh in the 2002 Insight Bowl, beat New Mexico in

the 2003 Las Vegas Bowl and defeated Notre Dame in the 2004 Insight


“Going to a bowl game is the goal every season for us,”

said senior tight end Joe Newton, who missed all of last season because

of a leg injury but was the 2004 Insight Bowl player of the game with

seven receptions for 85 yards and two touchdowns.

“I know that you accomplish that goal by playing one game at a

time, but it’s a huge incentive.”

A month ago, the Beavers were 2-3, had lost their first two Pac-10

games and been blistered by Boise State and Cal by a combined score of


“After what happened last year,” DeVan said, “no

week is a given, and no team will just lay down for us. We can’t

take anything for granted.”

But they now and then allow themselves to dream.

“I want to be 10-3 and go to the best bowl we can, but

I’m glad there are no bowls in Oregon and Washington,” DeVan


“Any bowl would be good, but I prefer the Holiday because I

like San Diego,” said Moore, a southern Californian from Valencia.

Van Orsow is from Las Vegas. His choice of the Vegas Bowl was no

surprise. “My family would love to see me in Vegas,” he said.

“The better the bowl, the happier I’ll be,” Newton

said. “The higher the bowl means we had more wins. The Holiday

would be awesome.”

Riley finally yielded. Some.

“Our first goal every year is to get to a bowl,” he said,

then caught himself.

“But we’ve got to win the next game.”


1 p.m. Saturday at Reser Stadium. No TV. Radio: KKNX- AM (840),

KNND-AM (1400). In Spanish: KXOR-AM (660).